6 Elements of Good Web Design in Brisbane

Building a website is hard but what makes it really a chore is the fact that you have to make it usable for the target audiences in Brisbane. That means having to understand what elements goes into play when creating a good web design. Luckily for you, our Brisbane based web designers are ready for your project. We at Kits Design Studio specialise in web design for our fellow Brisbane people.

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A lot of times, web designers focus too much on the aesthetic property of a site. There’s actually nothing wrong with being creative, except that building a website isn’t for a Brisbane web designer to enjoy. It’s for the target audience to use properly.

User-Based Design Elements Brisbane Web Designers should know about.

There are hundreds of websites being made in a day. But not all of them would click in the hearts of end users. But when you take the end user into consideration, the web design would ultimately serve its purpose.

Here are the 6 user-based elements that would value into a good web design:

  1. Search Box – One of the important uses of having a website is to archive all sorts of related information. It becomes necessary to have a search box in plain sight. In fact, it should be part of the design. You must give the visitor the option to search any information relevant to your website. Otherwise, you’re asking them to sip through pages and pages of info which they don’t have time for.
  1. Readable Text and Correct Spelling – Every content on the page must be proofread, consistent and most importantly, legible enough for a user to browse at a glance. Take note that they don’t have time to read through small bits of text written in a language they can barely understand. This happens to be one of the crucial things on the website not to get wrong.
  1. Organized Lay-out – Upon the user’s first glance, everything should be organized so that you can easily direct their attention to the important areas of the website such as search options, features, products and price, to name a few. For this, there are rules to follow. It has everything to do with the designer’s expertise on HTML and CSS.
  1. Easy Navigation – The best way to gauge usability in a website is through navigation. How seamless is it to get from one page to the other? If you use hyperlinks, it should be clearly visible. Should you want text, then make it consistent and readable. Make it very easy to use the site so that your Brisbane user would appreciate the fact that their needs came first to design
  1. Consistent Design – From the main page 1 to the last product on your site, there should only be one elemental design present. Sites that have inconsistent interface – the ones where you see a new design per click – are very confusing for the user. Sometimes less is more as excessive designs take away the virtual appeal.
  1. Simple Forms – For websites that require memberships, always make the registration forms less complicated. Don’t make your users do too much otherwise, they’d leave. How much information from the user you’d want should be limited to the name, username, password or confirmation of a password. You live in a world where privacy is key, so keep it short.

In a world where sites compete for attention, any newly designed website should be able to successfully give the users what they want. Focus on these 6 design elements. That way, you’d be stepping out of the fold with relative ease.

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