5 Web Designs Bidding Farewell Permanently

Web design in Brisbane is constantly changing which is why we have so many trends come and go. It’s but inevitable for people to lose interest in a particular web design because technology is always evolving.

When platforms become more digital, so would the web designs. Looking into the future, it’s easy to forget the past modules that users have learned to love. But in this case, it would do the whole Brisbane web design industry a lot of good.


It’s time for these modules to find a permanent place in the past. Here are 5 web design trends that need to go in order to make way for new ones to take their place:

  • Mobile Websites – In the future, there would be more evolved tablets, “smarter” smartphones and interactive devices. Web designers in Brisbane won’t have to build versions catering to each device. There will only be one responsive site that would look the same way across all platforms. Therefore, “versions” would find an end. The job of web designing would be made easy.
  • Sites with Heavy Texts – Content would be made in a totally different way. This time, visual elements would come into play more than the text. Content would be less dependent on the written texts. New web designs would no longer have to find a space for too much of it on their sites. Say good bye to text-heavy sites of old and say hello to more visual graphic elements.
  • SEO Copywriting – Because of the way Google has changed its algorithm, it’s becoming a challenge for SEO copywriters to keep up with the rules. If they stick to what they’re used to, they’d get penalized. Hence, they would be forced to make another copy. Time will come when websites would no longer need SEO. It would be better to lose the SEO content altogether because of its unpredictable nature. So gone are the days of keyword based content.
  • Low Resolution Designs – Visuals that appear to be more gradient is becoming a dying trend. That’s because the flat designs adopted by Apple and Windows 8 are fast being accepted as THE new high-resolution standard. Website designs would no longer have to adjust their resolutions to suit many versions of the sites. When the quality of display is improved, so would the web designs. That’s the case of retina displays now. It has changed the game completely. With it, came the flat interface people are now appreciating.
  • Pay per Click Advertising – The new advent of targeted ads is making the Pay per click platforms obsolete. It’s now possible to demographically target audiences, visitors and users for specific ads and not rely on the PPC concept to generate more site traffic. Internet advertising is highly evolved into videos, contextual and targeted product ads. Websites will soon stop relying on internet advertising because it can possibly change its nature completely.

If you have a website that still follows the abovementioned web designs, it’s time to embrace change once again. Those designs have served its purpose so don’t be afraid to say good bye to it. Welcoming a new future in web design has to be done now to compete in the world stage once again.